Just last week I was in a bible study for young mothers. As we shared our victories and failures, one thing kept being repeated around the room, ‘I thought I was the only one, that makes me feel so much better’. I was personally sharing a story about how my oldest had started dramatically huffing when he would get upset with his brother. ‘ughhhhhhhhhhhh, are you kidding me Sam’ were the words that came out of my three year olds mouth…. the mirror is harsh in Motherhood. 

But as I shared that story another mom related and felt less shame knowing we were dropping the ball together. Motherhood works best when you don’t feel alone, when you have other mothers lifting you up and telling you ‘tomorrow’s another day, you’re doing great.’ The first few years of Motherhood were lonely for me, I didn’t have any friends that were in the thick of the newborn stage, I remember wishing I had someone to talk to about all the little things I was dealing with. For someone to reminded me that it really didn’t matter how long I breastfed or which organic formula was going give my child the best chance for brain development. I just felt alone, and I took to the internet as one does. I found an amazing blog called Coffee + Crumbs and there I felt a sisterhood, but for mothers. I started to feel less alone with each story I read and so I’d like to continue that feeling here on Indie & Chic. 

Each month we will be sharing stories from mothers like YOU. Normal, every day moms. Stories of joy, heartbreak, birth, adoption and more. Stories that will leave you feeling uplifted, connected and part of a community of mothers. We hope you’ll follow along. 

-Samantha Echols momma to Max, Sam & Eleanor #MOTHERHOODxIndieChic #motherhoodunplugged #momlife #newmom #motherhood #parenting