Today’s #MOTHERHOODxIndieChic is from @heyemilyanne and I think every mother can relate. 


‘On Friday June ripped a page out of Flora's passport which had been hand delivered and certified by the mailman about 15 minutes beforehand. "Look! A picture of Flora" she said as she held up the page for me to see. Life is so busy right now and mike and I feel like we are constantly playing a game of catch up with our to do list; it was such a feeling of accomplishment to get the passport taken care of well in advance of our trip at the beginning of December. Now we have to start from square one reapplying and the whole process that goes with it (including but not limited to, getting pictures of Flora taken all over again and going in person to the passport office with a baby and a toddler 😜)and to say I was frustrated would be an understatement. It was one of those moments where I honestly felt like - should I be raising these kids? Is there someone else out there who can do a better job of it? And when will this tornado stage end? I went into the bathroom to collect myself behind a closed door. I took some deep breaths, called mike to cry a bit about how life feels like it's one step forward and two steps back right now. When he got home we ordered a pizza for dinner and drank some wine together and realized we'd laugh about it soon enough. And honestly I'm already laughing - bc how can you not? The absurdity of it all on top of the fact that as I was imploding, my two-year old was following me around saying, you "ok Emily? Sit down, take a breath, let's have a conversation. Do you feel better now?" And how can I not be proud of my kid who at times has more emotional awareness then I do? If she can find the words (minus the fact that she called me Emily 😱😂not ok with that for the record 🙅🏼) then I must be doing something right. I'm imperfect, she's imperfect. We're imperfect together. And there's Grace in that 🙏🏻’  @heyemilyanne